“It Flows or It Goes”

When I was invited, by Leanne (Writings and Ruminations) to write a post about my writing process,  I was deeply honored.  At the same time, my first thought was, “I’m no writer”…  But then isn’t that what all writer’s say?  And still I don’t consider myself a writer,  unless you count the short stories I do on my blog (or the jumbled mess of story ideas that flitter around through my mind almost constantly).

I’m afraid my writing style isn’t all that polished as Leanne’s or Tony’s – two writers who I also admire, but who were already showcased (I’ll get back to that in a sec, as well as the authors/writers I’m introducing).  If you haven’t taken the opportunity to visit their blog, I recommend doing so.

What can I tell you about my writing style, writing process, or really anything about my writing?  Actually, it’s really so simple that there isn’t much to write on the subject.  If I had a catch phrase to describe my writing it would be, “It flows or it goes.”  In the recesses of my mind, I recall being taught (and have even seen similar in today’s education) the story map that is filled out prior to writing a story.  You know – topics, themes, main ideas, character profile, etc etc….  I never seem to be able to utilize those things, but rather just simply start jotting down ideas as they pop into my mind (that is, assuming I have the time and opportunity to ‘jot’).  The ideas of using a recorder to record my thoughts has been mentioned to me but I’m one of those people who is embarrassed by the sound of her own voice and can’t stand the thought of listening to myself – I actually cringe when I do (besides I would feel silly talking aloud to a machine unless I had complete privacy, so guess that’s out).  No, my writing process is to just start writing and do a whole lot of restarts, redoes, scratch outs (not necessarily in that order).  Often times I end up thinking of something that I need/want to add in and end up using the “*” notation method, and write in whatever additional thoughts I have.

Back to the writers that I admire.  As I said, Tony and Leanne were both taken…  Leanne because she was featured by Tony and Tony because, well, he pretty much started this whole thing (at least as far as I’m concerned – too be honest I’m not sure where this idea began – but it’s a good one, don’t you agree?).  I see it as a wonderful opportunity to share our own stories about how we write  as well as the opportunity to introduce other writers that we admire (or might like to get to know better).

The three writers that I want to introduce to you are: Wednesday Writer Blog Hop co-host (and Free Writing Challenge writer), Heather Musk; paramedic and author of the Racing the Reaper series, Jerrid Edgington; and another writer that I recently met  via a recent online book release party, T.M. Norvak author of The Abduction of Lilly Waters and a children’s book named The Green Dinosaur.

Heather Musk:

Heather is one of the Blog Hop (WWBH) Ladies who recently joined myself and Leanne as a co-host along with another co-host newcomer Debb.

HeatherMuskHeather has been writing on and off for four years, gradually gaining in experience and confidence. Mainly concentrating on short stories and flash fiction, she is tentatively embarking on a larger project, a fantasy novella.
Balancing this with a husband and two young children is a challenge, but one she’s ready for!

Jerrid Edington:

Jerrid is a man I very much admire both for his work as a paramedicine and as  a writer (two things near and dear to me – those who know me know my “passion”(?) for Fire/EMS related stuff).


Jerrid Edgington is a man of many hats, but the three top hats are that of author, paramedic, and Husband/Father.  His latest book, Resuscitation (the second book in the Racing the Reaper series) was recently released.  When asked if he plans to step away from being a paramedic, in the near future, to be a full time writer his answer is that being a paramedic is where God wants him to be, but he still continues to write between shifts on the “truck” and caring for a (not quite) newborn.


T.M. Novak

I recently had the opportunity to “meet” T.M. Norvak on an online book release party for another author.  I have heard many good things about her book “Abduction of Lilly Waters” and about T.M. Norvak herself.  I look forward to the opportunity to peruse a couple of her books.

T.M. NovakT.M.Novak is a Psychological Thriller/ YA Mystery writer. The Abduction of Lilly Waters is her debut novel. She will have several novels to follow. T.M. Novak was Connecticut born and she currently lives in Prescott, Arizona with her husband and four sons. You can find her online at http://tmnovakauthor.com/ and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/T.M.Novaks?ref=hl

And on Twitter at https://twitter.com/NovakMTammy.



5 thoughts on ““It Flows or It Goes”

    • It was a pleasure “introducing you in my blogpost” Tammy. I have yet to put together anything “writing-wise” of substantial length, but do enjoy writing short stories (usually for prompts 😉 )


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