#Writing 101: A Mountainous View

Going to make this short and sweet.

We’re all drawn to certain places. If you had the power to get somewhere — anywhere — where would you go right now? For your twist, focus on building a setting description.

This actually came up in a discussion, with hubby, years ago. A good friend of ours loved the beach, loved the coastal/touristy towns with all the little shops (and perhaps she still does, I don’t know)… As for us, we much prefer the quiet solitude of the mountains).

One of my fondest memories is skid-addling down the side of the hill where we had our summer home to visit neighbors, watching the sunrise/sunsets from the porch, or watching the deer come up to the nearby salt lick just a short distance from our porch.

Can’t say the summer home was truly mountains, but sort of (and some great memories).


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