Sunday fiction


“Jackson”, Molly yelled to her 8 year old son.

“What, mom” he asked, bounding down the stairs into the living room with his usual exuberant energy.

“You want to explain what on Gods green earth one of each of both your brand new shoes are doing way up there on the electrical line?” And the ones Granny just bought for your birthday, no less”

“Robert dared me to do it”. Jackson replied, now looking downcast with a hung head. “He said I’d be a sissy if I didn’t do it”

Molly heaved a great sigh, trying not to be frustrated or angry at her son.

“Son, you just can’t go doing things like that just because your told to or get dared to,” Molly replied, “You have to think through whether or not what your being told or dared to do is a smart move.” “Do you think throwing your shoes up there was a smart move?”

“No, Mom,” I guess it wasn’t.

Molly ruffled her son’s head for a moment before placing kiss there.

“Let’s see what we can do about those shoes”
word count: 197

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