#WWBH: May 28, 2014 – My Story

There’s still time to join the fun, but hurry… The linky thing closes Tuesday evening:


From his vantage point, Jack silently waited. Waited for the perfect moment to make his move. He would be the hunter here, not the hunted. He had waited a long time for this moment. The logistics of the mission played in Jack’s mind. Every move carefully thought out to be perfectly choreographed at the exact right moment. His legs began to feel like ice as they balked at the position he kept them in. But he stood his ground, refusing to move a muscle, as he kept a cautious watch on the mansion, no castle, before him.

On the outside it was a thing of beauty, it’s gleaming white exterior giving the impression of being squeaky clean, but intel told quite a different story of the inside. It wasn’t the first time he had been here, watching this exact same castle. Years ago his fiancé, Briana had been captured, as a ploy to get to him. She had been held hostage behind the castle walls for months before meeting an untimely end. He, also had barely escaped with his life that day. Grief blossomed at the memory, but Jack pushed it aside. No time for that here, he scolded himself.

Inside the castle, another young lady, a teacher and her 5 charges were being kept hostage, had been kept hostage for many months – no one thinking that something fishy could be going on behind the pristine white walks and polished look of the stately castle. Jack wasn’t about to let her or the kids down.

For a brief moment, Jack’s mind went to that of the photograph he had seen earlier of the young teacher. It was a fairly recent picture, he had been told, taken just a month or so before her capture. Her hair, the color of coriander, seemed to be blowing around her as if caught in the wind, as she ate a piece of cake. Jack wondered, for a moment, if her hair smelled like coriander as well before forcing his mind back to the task at hand. He had a mission to accomplish and focus was critical.


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