Strange thoughts: A Trip Down Memory Lane

It is strange to think that I am interested and attracted to a guy who can be so exasperating…”

I came across this phrase while I was working on retyping my diary  from right around my college years and found it ironic and funny.  At the same time I had to wonder where my brain had been.

Back then it probably did seem strange, but if I really thought it about it really shouldn’t have.  Seemed I had this knack for ending up attracted to guys that were either ass-holes or complete jerks.  Smh- Go figure.  The few good looking ones that weren’t placed under the above category were (of course) not interested.  Smh – go figure.  Seemed I was really good at picking em – ehhh.

Seemed there was a long line of guys that fit in the above two categories (jerks or not interested).  I recall a High School crush I once had…  If I had half the brains I do now I would have realized that the attraction to this particular guy was nothing short of stupid.  The guy obviously had no interest in me, but worse  was the fact that he teased me endlessly (and before you go spouting about how maybe he teased me because in secret he really liked me – well let me assure you that was most definitely not the case).  It was years later that it came to my awareness that it was his brother that was really the nice one (not that that had made any difference back then).

I’ll tell you I could live a long time not going through that crap again.  Nothing  like meeting a good – looking guy and then finding out he’s a complete jerk.  Or the blow to the ego of finding out he thinks nothing of you.  Glad that part of my life is over.  :-p


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