Shot Gun Wedding or No

This evening, my husband and I were talking about family and such and somehow the conversation to turned to that of shotgun weddings – details not important – The question that arose however is whether or not shotgun weddings are always a good idea.  Are there times when it is best that the guy involved not stick around?

Not knowing my scriptures super well, I’ll trust my husband on this one…  He was telling me that they are not advocated in scripture…  I think the best way to put is that they are not mandatory.  There is nothing that specifically speaks to this, but the idea is that while the “bride’s price” must be paid, unless the father deems you a good man to marry his daughter then there’s not necessarily a  wedding – I guess now a days you could have an elopement.

In the case of one of our relatives the original guy was not a good choice and the girl was discouraged from staying with him.  He did not remain in the picture and in the end she got together with (and eventually) married a much better person who loves her and treats her right and even better – loves the kid as his own.

In this case it would pretty obvious that a shot gun wedding with the original guy was not a better choice….  But then there are other times where a “shot gun” type wedding has brought out the best in the guy and forced him to take responsibility.

In the case of another relative, there was a shot gun wedding forced which, in the end, did work out but apparently has always been rocky.  Hindsight being 20/20 perhaps that “wedding” should not have been, but then they are still together after many years – so either something worked or they’ve just made the decision to stay together despite any problems.

Guess it’s a judgement call type of thing based on individual circumstances.



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