Friday Fiction: Not Ready

The photo for this week comes from (and copy-writed) by Jennifer Pendergast


The host is the lovely Rochelle

My story follows:
100 steps, that was it, just a hundred steps stood between Jodi and the rest of the world. She hesitated at the top, unable to take that first step. Her counselor had assured her she was ready. Even the psychiatrist she met with daily agreed she was ready. The only thing left, they had said, was for her to believe in herself.

Jodi took a deep breath symbolically closed her eyes and took that first step of faith, then the next and the next until she had reached the bottom. Each step getting easier and easier… Maybe she could do this. Maybe she was ready


12 thoughts on “Friday Fiction: Not Ready

  1. I like how you’ve kept this non-specific. We’ve all felt that fear of the unknown and I felt that with your character as she gradually progressed into her new life. I think the “symbolically closed her eyes” sentence was the hardest to read – perhaps a comma before symbolically would help, or I’m also wondering whether symbolically is quite the word – it seems a bit authorial rather than something the character would use… Just something to think about if you’re looking at edits.


  2. Dear Tena,

    I could completely relate to this one. Inside a facility it’s safe. Outside isn’t. If it’s been a lengthy treatment the idea of applying lessons and being a functional member of society can terrifying.

    “Even the psychiatrist she met with daily agree she was ready.” I think you need a ‘d’ on agree to keep with the tense of your story which is a good one. 😉




  3. (symbolically closed her eyes – this threw me, but maybe it’s just me)
    One step at a time. I will keep my fingers crossed that believing in herself will get her through the last of her fear.


    • Looking back I don’t know if symbolically was the best (or even right) word…. Was trying to imply that she didn’t literally close her eyes when taking that step (down the stairs).


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