#TwoShoesTuesday: Walk or Winner

For some reason the original link to this week’s “Two Shoes Tuesday” challenge is unavailabe – appears the hosts site is unavailable or something.  I tried several different links (and attempts at each link)  but keep getting “unavailable”…  None the less I’ll go ahead and do the challenge anyway.

I’ve decided to go with Walk for this challenge.

I use to love taking long walks (back when I had the time to do that kind of thing).   If I took things nice and slow (and easy), I could walk for quite a while.    A number of times, in High School, I would voluntarily choose to walk home. rather than take the bus.   I should add that often times I would stay after school and hang out (mostly because I didn’t care to go home) then walk home later.

In college  I would, again voluntarily, walk up to the mall to catch the bus rather than the shorter walk to the nearby bus stop.   The best part of that walk was that it took me by the local Fire Station.  As I recall, back then the guys were often hanging around outside (usually working on the engines, cleaning them, etc) when not out on a call (or inside eating or in a meeting).    I would always have a wave and a “high” for them…  Several times I actually stopped to chat for a minute. or two.  The memories of the details of those times have faded over the years so that I couldn’t tell you what was said  or even talked about.  But I do remember the enjoyment of the short interactions.  The warmth and sense of humor.

Now a days I don’t get out to do much walking and to be honest  I’m not sure my overweight, out of shape body, would like it that much anymore…  But I do enjoy getting out on my bike (which is another thing that I use to enjoy doing).  Just wish I had more time  (and ability to get away) to do more riding.


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