“Steve’s Music Mix”

Another fun looking challenge…. By Steve-Says
Read about the challenge here

My answers follow:
I’m full of…?  Here for a Good time

George Strait – Here For A Good Time

Not sure how this fits….   I mean who doesn’t like to have a good time, but I’m not a party type.  I can have a good time just enjoying quiet time at home  or enjoying the outdoors.

I’m lacking…?  St Judy’s Comet

Kenny Loggins – St. Judy’s Comet – from the Sony Wonder album “Return to Pooh Corner” LT/LK 57674

Ummmm yep….  No Judy’s Comet here (LOL). The song does describe my son when he was younger (heck, it still describes him now)…  He hated to go to bed as long as the rest of us were up.   Made for interesting times…  Parents bedtimes shouldn’t be automatically dictated by the whims of a 1 or 2 year old who doesn’t want to go to sleep…  He still sometimes will stay up late (usually engrossed in a book) if we let don’t catch him.

I’m okay for…?  The Show Goes On

Hans Zimmer – The show goes on

Have to make a quick note and say that this is one of my most favorite songs.



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