Predicament – The Continuing Story.


Samantha sat at the small two person table of the all-night truck stop diner.  The place was mostly empty this time a night.  Just as well as the quiet suited her fine.   After a long talk with her cat Missy, and much dileberation, Samantha knew she couldn’t put off the inevitable any longer.   She needed to get a hold of Jack.  Nervously she had called the number that Jack had given her once before.  Not wanting to share such news over the phone she had asked if they might meet at the diner they had met at before.
The whole drive  up there, Samantha had been trying to think of what she was going to say.  How she was going to break the delicate news of her condition to Jack.  In fact she had spent a better part of the night before tossing and turning, the same dilemma riddling her mind as she tried to sleep.  She knew the news would be just as much a shock to him as it had been to her…  Samanthahad been so lost in thought she wasn’t aware that Jack had come into the diner till he was standing at the table next to her.  The breath rushed out of Samantha’s lungs leaving a tightness behind.
“You order yet?”  Jack inquired. as he settled into the seat across from her.   The muscles of his jean clad thighs rippling as he sat down.
“Not yet.  Guess I just wasn’t hungry’ Samantha replied
“Why not…. Samantha, are you okay?”  Jack asked seeing the pallor in Samantha’s face.
Samantha gulped down the lump in her throat.  There was no use putting off the inevitable, no need to drag things out.   Best t o just get it done and over with.  Praying a silent prayer that Jack would be understanding, she took a deep breath and shared the news.  The silence that immediately followed was deafening.  “Your sure about this?…  Your sure it’s mine”…  Samantha wasn’t sure what kind of response she had been expecting, but it wasn’t that.  He had all but implied that the child she carried could be anyone’s…  That she made of habit of sleeping around.  She felt herself go hot then cold.  Shaking with a mix of anger and disbelief Samantha pushed herself up from the table.  “Never mind” she spat  running blindly from the table.  Samantha only barely managed to make it to her car before the tears began to fall in earnest.  Her hands were trembling as she stabbed at the lock on her car door with her keys, unable to see through the blinding tears.
A strong hand came to rest against Samantha’s back, gently turning her towards a muscular chest.  The other hand deftly removing the keys from her hand.
“Shhh”  Jack murmured against Samantha’s temple.  Holding her while she sobbed.  “I’m sorry” he whispered after the sobs had subsided.  “That was uncalled for.”
“No, I guess you have right to question” Samantha admitted.  “After all, how well do you really know me.”
“Well enough to know that your not the type to go sleeping around with every Tom Dick, and Harry.  Besides, I could have “questioned more gently.  Could have given you the benefit of the doubt of having already considered who the father might be before…”
“There’s no one else it could be.”  Samantha interrupted,  “There hasn’t been anyone else.
“Yeah, I figured as such”
“Are you upset?”  Samantha asked, needing to know.
“Surprised, Shocked?  Yes!  But not upset, no.” was  Jack’s answer
“When you said you had something to tell me, I never imagined that would be the news.”  Jack continued after a moment.
“It wasn’t exactly the news I had been expecting to receive either.”  Samantha replied, “I guess the next question is where do we go from here?  What do we do next?”
“How would you feel about  the shortest engagement ever?”

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