#DailyPost: Your Name As An Adjective

I guess another, appropriate title for this post might be “How Would You Describe yourself”…..

I’m not sure I have an answer to that one.  I really don’t know how to describe myself.  I think that the most descriptive would possibly be loyal,  perhaps stubborn.  I might could say tenacious (?).

Another thing that comes to mind is the the idea that I speak of (from time to time) that I am multi-faceted (but not multi-personality), but that really doesn’t describe me now does it… But in a way it does.  I don’t seem to fit into any one mold completely.   I both laugh and cry easily  (and yet with difficulty).  I have a serious side, but yet a carefree and fun side.   I have been known to surprise people when they expect a certain reaction from me and then don’t get the reaction they were expecting.


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