Predicament – My #WWBH Story: May 14, 2014



*Note:  The cat in the picture is mine, but the name is changed for the story (her actual name is Meekah, otherwise known as Miss Meekah).20140409-132433.jpg

Samantha sat in her favorite large sofa-chair absentmindedly stroking the soft fur of her feline companion Mischeif (or Missy for short).

“How in the world did I manage to get myself into this predicament” Samantha asked aloud.  Missy  just gave a contended purr.

Oh she knew the technicalities of how she had come to be in the situation she was in…  A chance meeting at an all night truck stop, talking through the long night…  No, it had begun long before that – on the radio, passing the long hours of commute.

They had struck up a conversation on the CB radio talking about this and that.  About there lives, their dreams.   Really anything to pass the time of the long drive monotonous drive.  When they chanced to meet at an all night truck stop it had been as if they had known each other forever.  The conversation in person as easy as it had been on the radio.  Jack had invited her to see his truck.  No pressure just a simple invitation, one she could have declined if she had so desired.  She hadn’t, instead allowing him to lead her out to where his truck had parked.  One thing had led to another and….

Samantha gulped at the memory sure her face was probably several shades of red.  Thankfully the only one that was witness was Missy.  The one and only time in her life that she had acted so rashly, so out of character for herself and she found herself facing a life changing decision.  She who was always the one to think things through carefully planning each step of her life, never taking chances or risks.

“Well, Missy, looks like I’ll have to face the music and tell him the news.   I just hope Jack is understanding about this whole situation.”  Missy who was several few months pregnant herself simply gave another contended purr.





10 thoughts on “Predicament – My #WWBH Story: May 14, 2014

  1. Whoa! Surprise! Great story, Tena. I love the idea of romance striking over the CB radio. That’s so creative–as is the news she needs to share! Great job!


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