#WWBH Kick-Off: May 14, 2014

Okay, I admit it….  I’m totally brain dead and completely forgot to put out the WWBH Kick-Off for this week.   Is there an alarm (or app or something) that screams, yells, jumps up and down and then reaches out and smacks you upside the head???   Ohhh welll better late than never write (I mean right)…  So let’s get the



Just a reminder for you guys and gals who have played along before (and to for you new folks)  The rules are as follows:

1) Try to keep your word count down to around 500 – no worries, we’re not counting. Just try to keep from getting to lengthy.

2) You must use the 2 pictures OR the 1 picture/5 words in your story (depending on what the host decides to use – I’ll be revealing mine in just a bit, I promise).

3) Link your story up using linky tool below. Stories submited will be announced in next week’s blog hop kick-off

4) This is most important… Have fun with this and let those creativejuices flow

This week, by luck of the draw…  We’re doing 2 pictures.  As per rules above, you must incorporate both pictures into your story (and please try to keep within, or close to, the 500 word limit – really makes it easier for people to read if not to lengthy & we are doing short stories here 🙂 )

So here’s your two pictures for this week:



When your done with your story be and sure and link to the linkzy frog below.  You can always contact the host (where your reading this blog hop kick-off) for assistance if your having trouble or leave them a comment with url to your story and they’ll get you entered in.

After your done, be sure and check out these stories from last week’s Blog Hop:

The Waiting Game by Sally Scribbles

Hidden in the Storm by HJ Musk

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