Two Shoes Tuesday: Lightning

One of my fondest memories growing up was when i would go to visit my grandparents in Arizona.  I remember spending long periods of time (hours?) in the summer standing outside under the car-port watching the lightening and counting the seconds between that and the thunder (or is it other way around)…  Been a few years since I’ve d one anything like that.  I still enjoy watching lightening and even capturing some photos/videos if I get the opportunity.  Here’s one video I captured not too long ago (within the last year I believe).

Like most anyone, really loud thunder has a tendency to make me jump, especially if I’m not expecting (and sometimes even if I am), but still there’s something fun and exciting about watching lightning light up the sky!

Now head on over to Texas Shoes to check out this weeks Writing Prompt:  Legend or Lightning and join the fun 🙂


3 thoughts on “Two Shoes Tuesday: Lightning

  1. That was a totally awesome lightning capture! I love storms, always have, even as a child. Today, when everyone else is indoors and away from the windows, I am likely to be the one out on the deck watching the full force of the storm rumbling in! Such amazing power, such beautiful design! Thank you for the perfect Two Shoes Tuesday addition, I appreciate you joining us this week!


  2. Hi, I’ve come here from ‘Two Shoes Tuesday, ‘ and enjoyed reading your post. Lightning in the distance look beautiful, but I don’t like it when it is thundering near my house. We have a lot of thunder in winter. I find it scaring.


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