Video: Firefighters Coping with Suicide

Tired Fire/Medic

This is a great video with a fantastic message. Please watch it all the way through.

It begins by talking about how firefighters cope with responding to suicides. It ends with information about suicide prevention. Great information, but it’s the stuff in between that is most important, I think.

Yes, this particular piece is geared specifically towards identifying co-workers who may be suicidal. However, the message fits for anyone experiencing any level of PTSD.

The take aways: Watch out for each other. Watch out for yourself. Talk! Don’t be afraid to ask if someone needs help. And especially don’t be afraid to ask for help for you….

There was a quote towards the end that I loved: “We are human beings first – firefighters second.”

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3 thoughts on “Video: Firefighters Coping with Suicide

  1. Great video. Thank you for sharing and putting it out there. I was on our police departments peer support team for 10 years. Peer support is near and dear to my heart. We were fortunate to have the support of command staff to have such a well respected team and we were used a lot. Firefighters and cops are human beings first…. sometimes we forget that the turnouts or the bullet proof vests will keep us from hurting on the inside but they don’t. Hearts still break. There is a great book called “I love a firefighter” by Ellen Kirschman that you might enjoy.


    • Indeed I think people including firefighters, police officers, etc – themselves – forget that the outer protections (PPE, Bullet Proof Vests) don’t protect what’s inside (and we’re not talking physical organs & such). Lucy, you might enjoy checking out my other blog I don’t post as much as I do here and It’s mainly for firefighter and paramedics, but you might like.


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