The Best Part of Blogging

Victoria over at Linking Loops (welll hmmm.. seems she has deleted her blog?!? – must say I’m confused). posted this question and I thought I’d give it a shot….

What is the coolest and most unexpected thign that has happenned to you as a result of blogging:

I think probably the coolest is connecting with some wonderful people. There are a number of people that I’ve met through blogging that I think are wonderful people.  One that especially comes to mind is Leanne from  Writing and Ruminations.  To be honest I can’t tell you know where it was I first connected with Leanne…. Here on Word Press over on Twitter.  All I know is it that seems like I’ve known her forever.  Over time I have connected her across several social media sites.  She is a wonderful person with a sweet caring nature.  She spends time on a regular basis volunteering at Night Strike, often going out of her comfort zone and doing things that she doesn’t feel she wants (or has the ability) to do, yet feels the Lord  wants her to. Through these experiences she learns life lessons that she readily shares with others (one of which way is through her blog). As you read her blogs, you find her to be honest and open, not afraid to speak about her fears & struggles.

There has also been a connection with old friends like Gunnar Simonsen from Gunnar Speaks.  I actually went to High School with Gunnar (he graduated the year ahead of mine) but like with so many other classmates lost contact over the years.  With the invent of  Places like Facebook & Twitter I was able to reconnect with some of those old classmates – One of which was Gunnar.  I came to find out that Gunnar had a blog on Word Press and went to check it out.   I was absolutely amazed (and yet not) at the person that Gunnar had become.  He has always had the ability to connect and reach out to people even back in those High School days.  He was one of those people who could befriend anyone and everyone…  Not to mention the fact that anytime there was a school prank going on you could be certain Gunnar was close by :-).  Seriously speaking he had a way of making people laugh in a good way.  Connecting through the social media sites and reading his blog posts, I could (and still do) see that he has taken that connection to the next level.  His blog is most about action, namely taking action.  Gunnar is about Social Media and connecting, reaching out and helping others. He writes about his experiences in (and about) Rwanda and sometimes about child trafficking.  He is about Social Media and connecting.


2 thoughts on “The Best Part of Blogging

  1. Aw. Thank you so much, Tena! You are the sweetest and too kind. Seriously, it has been such a blessing getting to know you. I am proud to call you a colleague in writing and friend in this world. *hugs*


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