#WWBH: My Story – Missing Pappa

Our host for this week’s WWBH Blog Hop is Debb Standon of Stanton Sunshine.  Be sure and head on over there after your finished here and check out her blog 🙂



Sarah held her little sister, Mary’s, hand as they walked along the river front.

“Sarah?”, Mary asked in her usual soft spoken voice.


“Do you think father ever thinks of us in heaven?”

Sarah gave her little sister’s hand a squeeze.   “I would hazard a guess that he does.” She said importantly, trying out a new word she had recently heard.  “Remember what Mamaw said about Pappa watching us from heaven” Sarah continued speaking of their grandma who had adopted them after their Mom had perished in a car accidents many years earlier.

“I wish he hadn’t tried to do that stunt in the circus show” Mary whispered with tears in her eyes.

“Me too,” Sarah said honestly,  “I wish he was still here to  teach me how to make ravioli.  I’m certainly old enough to start learning”

“He did make the best ravioli.” Mary agreed.

“It looks like the weather is about to change” Sarah said suddenly, looking up at the clouds in the sky, “Let’s hurry and get home before it starts to rain.”


I hope you enjoyed my short story.   Check out the links in the collection next to the frog for inspiration and be sure and add your own story.  We look forward to seeing what you write.  If you need any help just contact your host Debb, Heather, Leanne, or myself.


And finally some stories from last week:


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