What Happened to the Daily Prompts from Daily Post

Until recently the Daily Post “New Post” notifications I got in my email box via Word Press included Daily Prompts, Weekly Writing Prompts, and Weekly Photo Prompts….  Lately I’m noticing none of those…  Sure I still get notifications of new posts but none of the above is included….  So now I have to remember each day to go to the Daily Post blog and look for the prompts….  Ummmm that’s what I was using the eMail notifications for – as a reminder.  I’m always checking my eMails – I don’t always remember to go to all the blogs I’m following to see if they posted that day.   I have to say #FAIL on that one!!!  Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking Daily Post, just wish the daily & weekly writing/photo prompts were still showing up in my eMail box.

I don’t always have something to blog about for each daily prompt…..  And April was especially with the A-to-Z Challenge….  But I look (or rather looked) forward to seeing what was there and seeing if there was something that might cue a post.

Guess The Daily Prompt posting is going to be even more hit and miss than it was before  since I have to rely on the other blogs I’m following to know what the day’s Prompt is (which means I may not even know till the end of the day or days later)  😦


5 thoughts on “What Happened to the Daily Prompts from Daily Post

  1. I’ve noticed that too, but just with the photo challenge. It’s very annoying as I don’t always remember to go & check. The emails were very useful si I hope they sort it out soon.


  2. This happened to me too! I wrote a message in the help forum about it, but they said that they haven’t heard of any problems with this happening to other bloggers. It’s been about a month since I’ve received a daily prompt, weekly writing challenge, or weekly photo prompt.


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