#AtoZChallenge: History of Paramedicine – The End

AtoZ-XSo here we are with April one day gone…  You’ll notice I didn’t have anything for posted for the last 3 letters (X, Y, Y & Z)….  That’s because I had absolutely nothing – No ideas – Nadda.  Frustrating to say the least as I had hoped to have something for every letter  kind of makes me wonder what the hell I thought I was doing, but I’ll wait till the Reflections Reveal for all that.  AtoZ-YI’m sure that if I had more time (ie didn’t have a husband and son that seem to constantly need something for me, or other things to do (did I mention the blogging, or rather research, for this challenge took up a lot of my time – so my family thinks), I could have spent more time trying to find something to blog about relating to the History of EMS that started with those last 3 AtoZ-Zletters.

I certainly hope you learned a lot about the History of Paramedicine – as did I – and how events 40 to 50 years ago shaped what it is today.   If you’d like to catch up on past posts from the A to Z Series.  Check out my History of Paramedicine Page, listing all the posts I did for the the alphabet series.

I encourage you to check out the National EMS Museum for more links and articles on the history of Paramedicine as well as the LA County Fire Museum

Don’t forget to check out some of the other A-to-Z Challenge bloggers, plus you can check out the posts I did on our family blog under the AtoZChallenge tag


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