Daily Post: Grudge or No

Thought I’d chime in real quick on today’s Daily Post: I Can’t Stay Mad

I don’t see myself as a person that holds a grudge. I might be annoyed or angry with someone. I might even desire not to associate or communicate with them for a while (maybe a long while), but hold a grudge? Nahhh.

“Forgive and Forget” – Such an interesting concept. Is it even possible to truly forget??? I don’t think that it is. Sure we might forget a wrong doing over-time (just like anything else), but if the gravity of the wrong-doing is severe enough one might never truly forget. I can’t say that I totally agree with the whole “forgive & forget” thought process as I don’t think we are meant to forget, but to learn. Forgiveness is another issue… I think we should forgive if a person is sincere in their asking and we should allow people to be human & make mistakes – and should forgive when they do.


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