Chapter One-Resuscitation

Book One of Racing the Reaper series was awesome… Can’t wait for two to come out in a few weeks (hopefully) and Book 3 slated for sometime this summer if all goes well. Definitely a must read series, especially if you’ve got any interest in the EMS field

Jerrid Edgington-Author

As promised, I am posting the first chapter for Resuscitation, the second book in the Racing the Reaper Trilogy. I’m very excited for the upcoming release and I wanted to give you all a sample of what to expect. Please share this with all your friends and please let me know what you think. Enjoy!


Chapter One

James compressed the young pregnant woman’s chest outside her car on the road. The warm asphalt and gravel dug into his knees.

The communications center sent Jacob and James to a head on collision on a two-lane highway forty-five minutes south of Boise, Idaho. The initial reports stated injuries were unknown. It wasn’t until a few minutes before they arrived that they received updated information from the volunteer fire department on scene. Jacob immediately called for a helicopter.

A farmer driving a tractor down the road discovered the accident and called 911.There was…

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