#WWBH My Story: April 16, 2014




“Come on!!” Carmine, Megan’s 3 year golden retriever mix seemed to say.  Tugging on her leash as she tried to pull Megan in the direction her son had gone a few minutes early.

Ever since Johnathon had come close to drowning, after falling into the nearby pond a little over a year ago, Carmine had been protective of the young boy.  She practically went into a frenzy anytime Johnathon was anywhere near water – Barking, Yapping, and turning around in circles.  Since the mishap with the pond, Megan saw to it that Johnathon received swimming lessons and anymore he was like a little fish in the water.  Still, old habits die hard and Carmine still couldn’t seem to stand seeing the boy in the lake (the same lake he had nearly drowned in).

“Carmine, you crazy pup”  Johnathon is fine.  “I can see him from here”


Megan said as Carmine continued to tug and pull as hard as she could.  With a sigh, Megan let the dog lead her over to the edge of the pond.  In the water, Johnathon was indeed splashing happily, playing with the rest of his friends

from the small rural neighborhood.


“See?”  He’s just fine….

“Hey Mom, Johnathon called out, “Do you think Carmine would like to come in the water?””Why don’t you call her and give it a try,” Megan replied removing Carmine’s leash.

With a shrill whistle (that he had apparently been practicing) Johnathon called Carmine.  At the sound of her young master, Carmine glanced once at Megan then to Johnathon, once more back to Megan before running to the ponds edge.  She skidded to a stop at the edge as her feet touched the water.   For a while she stood there wining as she watched Johnathon in the water.


“Come on girl. it’s fine, I’m fine”

In the next moment Carmine plunged into the water paddling over to where Johnathon was.

“Thata girl” Johnathon happily ruffed the dogs head.


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