#AtoZchallenge: History of Paramedicine – Q is for Quality

Those who know me know that one of the biggest interests is in the area of Fire/EMS (though I am not, myself a Firefighter or an EMT/Paramedic).  I decided this year to do my A-Z Challenge using the theme “History of Paramedicine….



AtoZ-QLooking at the History of Paramedicine, one must also look at Quality and the improvements there of.  From the very beginning there has always been a push to improve quality and that push continues through to today.   In the days before modern EMS came into play, patient care in the field consisted mostly of packaging the patient and transporting (commonly known as scoop and run in the EMS world).   Its not to say that the quality of care was bad (or even good for that matter).   There simply wasn’t the expertise or ability to do anything more.  Even after the onset of “Modern EMS” there no “Standards” in treatment in training (in really anything)…  The level of training differed from state to state, city to city, and even department to department.   Needless to say the quality also differed greatly.

This video “Life or Death“posted on the National EMS Museum website gives a great look at  the needs (at the time it was made) for improved (and more standardized) EMS system

increased knowledge and technique as well as technology led to a lot of advancement in quality – such as the biophone that enabled Paramedics to talk to doctors, CPR and the knowledge that used early on could save lives (as could defibrillation) – as these the knowledge of such things increased so, too, did the quality of care that could be provided to the patient on scene or in the field.  Now patients could begin to be stabilized  and life saving treatment begun in the field…  Increasing the chances of a live body being brought in through the Emergency Room doors.

Even now the strive to improve quality, and come up with better methods of stabilizing and treating in the field, continues.

Check out the EMS HIstory app at Limmer Creative and the National EMS Museum  


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