#AtoZchallenge: History of Paramedicine – O is for Obstacles

Those who know me know that one of the biggest interests is in the area of Fire/EMS (though I am not, myself a Firefighter or an EMT/Paramedic).  I decided this year to do my A-Z Challenge using the theme “History of Paramedicine….


AtoZ-OThere were a number of obstacles that plague EMS.   Even today there are obstacles as EMS struggles with it’s own identity.  It it’s infancy, EMS was considered little more than an ambulance service.  Now some 40 plus years later there is still a struggle to over come that label.  Probably two of the biggest obstacles that took place in the days when EMS was in it’s infancy came from the side of the doctors many of whom questioned the ability of a someone who had not been through traditional medical training to perform  emergency type procedures in the field. The other obstacle came from that of the side of the firefighters that were being asked/encouraged to perform as Emergency Medical Technicians….  “We fight fires, NOT deliver babies and perform rescues.  Despite these (and other) obstacles, paramedicine took flight.  Even today obstacles continue, but EMS continues to flourish, continuous to be a profession (whether paid or volunteer) that is one that those who do it do from the heart.
Check out the EMS HIstory app at Limmer Creative and the National EMS Museum  


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