A Proud Moment (My #WWBH story for March 26, 2014)


The 5 Words required for this story are:  Body, Person, Silky, Crack, Pleasure


Monica kept her fingers tight over Donald’s eyes as she led him down the hallway to the back lot of the small town Sheriff’s Department where the patrol cars and motorcycles were kept.

“No Peaking!” she admonished laughing as Donald tried to pull her fingers apart.  He could be a such a child at heart sometimes.  He was always laughing and cracking jokes.  Deriving such pleasure on playing innocent pranks on others…  And yet Monica, more than anyone knew how hard life had been for Donald growing up.

Monica had first met Donald the year they had both moved to the town of Donook.   She had been an army brat constantly moving from place to place and this had been just another move in a long line of moves she had been through.  Donald had also moved in to town that same year.  Despite they’re differences and reluctance to make new friends, the two had hit it off almost immediately.  “Two Peas in a Pod”  they jokingly called themselves.  And yet so opposite.

Monica had been more of a “good girl” type while Donald was more of a “bad boy”.  He had a tough time of it at home with his parents constantly fighting, often times putting him into the middle of the fights.  To make matters worse, Donald’s father would often go on drinking binges becoming angry, bitter, and abusive.  It was enough to break a body.  Because of this, Donald often had a chip on his shoulder.   Monica was one of the few people he opened up and talked to.

As the fighting and drinking got worse at his house, however, Donald began to turn to turn more  and more to alcohol, often times getting into trouble with the law.   It had hurt Monica immensely seeing Donald heading down such a destructive path.  Worse was the fact that many of the townspeople had given up on him, encouraging her to do the same.

It hadn’t been till the year that her father had been elected Sheriff of the small town, at the same time deciding to take a chance on Donald and take him under his wing that things began to turn around.   Eventually, Donald had decided to join the police force.  It had been an uphill battle for him and very few people believed he would have what it took, but Donald surprised them all.   When Monica’s father decided to retired as Sheriff, Donald ran as his replacement.  The vote had been nearly unanimous.

Now, her heart beaming with pride, Monica led Donald out to the back lot.   The guys from the department stood, in a line, at attention…  In front of them a brand new motorcycle stood, it’s silky blue paint beaming in the the morning sunshine.  The guys had all pooled there money together to purchase it a gift for 15 years of devoted service to the small town.

“Surprise”  everyone yelled as Monica moved her fingers from Donald’s eyes.

“I….”  for several moments, Donald seemed speechless.   “You guys really know how to make a person‘s day,” Donald exclaimed as he went over and mounted the motorcycle trying it out.


Have to admit I took a bit of a liberty in incorporating the picture into the story, as you can see.


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