Big News (My #WWBH Story: 03/19/2014)


(The required words are in bold)

Regina looked over the carefully set table before her. She wanted to make sure that everything had been set perfectly. A tray of hors d’oeuvre and wine adorned the table. A chill of excitement and trepidation ran up her spine. This evening she would be making her big announcement to her husband Jason that she was, in fact, carrying his child. The pregnancy hadn’t exactly been planned. Jason and Regina were newly married and had been hoping to wait till they were a bit more settled on base before starting a family. Still, Regina couldn’t help but be just a wee bit excited.

As she stirred the sauce, cooking on low in the saucepan, Regina thought about Jason and how he always seemed to have a barrel of fun with the kids of other officers on base. “Uncle Jason” the older ones would cry out when they saw him. Even the younger ones would cry out with glee, holding their arms to be held. Jason would pick up the older ones and spin them around in a circle making them shriek with laughter. He also knew how to be firm with the kids when needed and was always quite vigilant in seeing to the care and safety of any child entrusted in their care. “Yes,” Regina thought to herself, “Jason would make a wonderful father.” She just hoped that the news of having their own child didn’t put too much of a screwdriver in Jason’s plans.

CoverIng the saucepan and leaving it to continue cooking, Regina headed to the bedroom to run a comb through her hair to straighten it up. She let it fall loosely over her shoulders just the way she knew Jason liked it.

She had just finished with her hair and was heading back to the front room of their small, two bedroom, apartment when she heard the front door open. Meeting Jason at the front door, she lifted her face to accept his kiss.

“Hey, sweetheart, what’s the special occasion” Jason asked…..



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