#AtoZChallenge Announcement

I officially signed up for the “April A to Z” challenge this year (#259).


I decided to make my theme the History of Paramedicine. Last year I (unofficially) did “Firefighter/Paramedic Safety” Messages. It may have made (slightly) more sense to have signed up using my FES Tidbits blog as that is where my fire/EMS related blogging is done. But, at the same time, a lot of my writing/blog challenges are done here. So, instead, I will blog here and re-blog to the other site.

I also decided I’d sign up the family blog – Life Happens (#1432)

Perhaps I am just trying to show my insanity or maybe just to get the blog out there – give me an excuse/force me to “write”

Just a couple fellow bloggers that have also signed up (infact it was the A to Z challenge that got me following last year):

Mamma Bear Musings
A Writer Inspired


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