Unofficial AtoZChallenge: J is for Journey

{Note:  This is from last year}

This week’s message isn’t so much a “Safety” message as a reminder…..

The road to being a good firefighter, Paramedic, Rescue Worker is a JOURNEY.  A journey that never ends.  One in which you should keep in mind from whence you came and Why (a topic for a later blog when we get to  “W”)

The journey to becoming a firefighter/paramedic can be a long hard one and that journey doesn’t stop when you pass your firefighter/EMT/Paramedic exam.  It is a journey that continues till the day you retire (and even then it is questionable that the journey ends there as firefighting – so I hear – becomes a part of you and gets into your blood.  Till that day, the journey continues and a big part of that journey is continued LEARNING   and improving (or getting BETTER)

I came across this webpage and thought it was interesting  Journey to Firefighter

Remember It’s a JOURNEY (with both ups & downs) and Stay SAFE



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