#DailyPrompt: Time after Time

This is actually for yesterday’s Daily Prompt:

One thing I find funny (ok maybe that’s not the best word description) is how some people are so against traditions. Like it’s somehow a bad/negative thing. Every “religious group”, from Christianity to Muslim to Judaism, has traditions. It is through those traditions that we teach our kids & make things come to life for them.

I can’t tell you the number of times, in the past, that we’ve been amongst messianic folks who have the attitude of “we don’t want anything to do with “Traditions” – the whole if we can’t find in the bible, we don’t want it (Talmud, etc doesn’t count). Ummmm, HELLO!!!, what about the traditions you find in Christianity (which is where many of these folks come from) and Yes, they do exist.

Traditions are necessary for explaining & teaching to our kids, for bringing religious culture (regardless of where it stems from) to life.

4 thoughts on “#DailyPrompt: Time after Time

  1. I’m a little fussy about traditions too. I was raised in the Lutheran church, and a few years ago was in a church that stood up and sang, “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, How lovely are your branches…” I did not stand up. I did not sing. As we left that church, I distinctly heard in my heart, “Do you love your traditions? Or do you love ME?” I made my choice. I love our Elohim. Then, in the Messianic congregation, he gave me back traditions, that are HIS traditions. The feasts of Leviticus 23. However, even Messiah kept Hanukkah.John 10:22,2. So I look for the traditions that our Messiah kept. That is my guide.


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