Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

We Got the Beat
Have you ever played in a band? Tell us all about that experience of making music with friends. If you’ve never been in a band, imagine you’re forming a band with some good friends. What instrument do you play in the band and why? What sort of music will you play?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERFORMANCE.

If your talking a small “garage-band” style band then no, I never did that… I did play in the school band during Junior High and High School. I don’t recall much about my Jr. High experience except that the instructors name was Robert (Bob) Sellman.

High School is a lot clearer (in memory). The main thing I recall is being in the Marching Band. My first instructor for Band (Marching and otherwise) was Mr. Lambert Morris during my Sophmore year, who was replaced by Dave Matthys my Junior year. I seem to recall some pretty hilarious goings on, that first year, as we learned to March as a group. The first few times it was a mess…. Flute in the drum section, drums in the clarinet section, rows & lines all over the place. I don’t think we knew which way was up.

Of the two instructors, Mr. Morris stood out the most in my mind…. I swear I hated him back then. Due to my (extremely) short stature, Mr. Morris was apoarently concerned about my ability to keep up with the rest if my (taller) classmates. He was constantly tinge next to me (or it seemed anyway), waiting for me to screw up. I won’t say I was perfect, but I did manage to stay in proper position and all that. One thing I will say – Thanks to Mr. Morris, I was determined to do my best despite the “disadvantage” of being short.

I can still remember “Guide Right”… And if I really stop and think about it, I can remember the steps to a box turn (getting my feet to perform with precision – not so much there anymore).

Did I enjoy being in the high school band?? YES!!! Despite all the ups &
downs, I don’t regret a minute. There are so many awesome memories that I have carried with me over the years.


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