Reliable Realist

A few days back I came across Chris Donner’s post. Who are you? about a Personality Quiz she took. I decided to try the quiz out myself (though it took me a couple days to get around to it). I got Reliable Realist – Which turns out to be another type of “Introvert”. So, am I an introvert?… Yep, according to Susan Caine’s test I am.

When I took the “Kiersey Temperament Sorter” (basically a Myers-Briggs test), quite a few years back, I got ISTJ which stands for Introvert, Sensing, Thinking Judging.

Let’s see if I can remember the 4 sections of they Myers-Briggs correctly.

1) How do you deal with the outside world – are you Extravert or Introvert.
2) How do you gather information – Sensing or iNtuitive.
3) How do you make your decisions – Thinking or Feeling
4) I forget the description of this last part, but the two related terms are Judging/Perceiving(?).

Here’s a quick link with info on Myers-Briggs

As an introvert I tend to like small groups and need alone (or me time) to recharge & rejuvenate (large parties tend to be exhausting & wearing). I am middle of the road and can handle some degree of people involvement more than a true introvert, but I’ve got my limits. I think my hearing difficulty contribute some to my introvertedness. Trying to “listen” to people (the more people = the more difficult) tends to be wearing & exhausting.

As a “sensor” I tend to trust my senses over my intuition. Again middle road here and sometimes my gut feeling is spot on (but I can’t say that I trust it 100%).

Next, we got Thinking. I tend to base my opinions and decision more on thought process than “feelings” – ie my head tends to rule more so than heart (though some might disagree on that one). One way this shows up is dealing with kids – “I don’t care if you like me or not, it isn’t a popularity contest. Your opinion of me is inconsequential”.

….And last you have Judging. There are different manifestations of this one, as me and my husband discovered. We both test as being “Judgers”. In hubby’s case it shows up in terms of needing everything being in its exact right spot (he could spend hours at a store organizing items), where as in my case it shows up as a “time” thing. I need my schedule planned and need to know what’s going on. I also hate running late to stuff.

… Back to the “Reliable Realist”. The adjectives (or describing words listed were:

sensible, down-to-earth
ability to concentrate

For the most part I’d say they, pretty well describe me.

Either Chris (61 Musings) or Cee (Cee N Photography) posed the question as to whether or not most bloggers tend to lean towards being introverts (I am paraphrasing and may not have the question posed properly)…. I don’t have an answer I only know that I am (and wonder how many other bloggers fall into that category), but like Cee spoke about in her post An Introverts Passion Zone when it comes to a subject of interest I light up, but – again – I can only handle so much.


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