Word a week: Figure

It just dawned on me that I had not included a link to the original “Word a week: Figure” post. I’m hoping you can/will join in the fun.

I could not choose between the two so I devised to use both.

I’ve had this “lady” since my childhood days – though I can’t recall when it was (or how) I came to obtain her. At one time I had a name for her, but can’t seem to recall it now.

There were a couple other figure(ines?) that I had at one time, but I’m not sure what happened to them. If they were here I would include them in this post as well. One was a small porcelain doll (which I called gladiola because she held gladiolas in her hand. She was a birthday present to me and gladiolas (as I understand) are the August flower. The other was a clown that, at one time, sat in a toy chair at my gma (Nonny’s) house. After she died I was given the choice of the clown or the chair. In my childish (stupid) youth, I chose the toy chair…. Thankfully, my father brought the clown home as well – something I would come to appreciate in later years. I only wish I knew where that clown was now.

The second figure was one hand made (if I am not mistaken), for my husbands parents.

I don’t know much on the history if this “figure” beyond that.


3 thoughts on “Word a week: Figure

  1. I didn’t know you had an August birthday! My younger sister was August 1st, which is about the only other person I’ve known with an August birthday. Unfortunately, she passed away in 1980 at the ripe old age of 27. Still, Happy belated Birthday!


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