Share Your World – Week 6

Have you watched or plan to watch any of the 2014 Winter Olympics?
No, I haven’t watched anything from the 2014 Winter Olympics, and probably won’t. Partly because I don’t get much chance to watch TV (though I might could make time if I truly wanted to – just too many other things more important to me) and partly because, well, I’m not that much into sports.

What is your favorite winter Olympic event? Would you ever want to be an expert in that sport?
See the second part of my answer above…. I’m not even sure what the “Winter Sports” are. I guess skiing would be the one I would choose – specifically the ski jumping (watching these guys’ form is amazing). Either that or ice skating (if that counts).

Have you ever met an Olympic Athlete?
Nope, Never, Next….

Do you have a favorite athlete? Name sport
Again, Nope

What is your favorite exercise or sport? Is there a reason why?.
My favorite exercise would have to be bicycling and rebounder. I enjoy getting out and riding when I get the opportunity (I just DON’T enjoy the head & side winds). The rebounder is nice and refreshing – just a nice easy bounce out on my back porch listening to my tunes….

Be sure and check out this week’s Share Your World and play along….
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2 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week 6

  1. I haven’t watched anything either, although I do like figure skating. And for exercise, I like to walk, especially around here. I get more exercise walking, because we’re hilly. On a bike I walk uphill and coast downhill, so I might as well walk it all…:)


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