Daily Prompt: Hated Chores

This post was done for the daily prompt challenge – “those dishes won’t do themselves“.

If I had to pick the one chore that I absolutely don’t like, it would have to be dishes. I swear it is impossible for me to do dishes without getting water everywhere (including all over me). No matter how slow & careful I try to be, somehow I always end up wet – at least my arms and front of me anyway. It might have something to do with the fact that at 4’10” most countertops are breast high for me…. In other words, almost to my armpits. The world isn’t made for us “shorties”


One thought on “Daily Prompt: Hated Chores

  1. I always fold dish towels lengthwise and place them all the way around the kitchen sink. That helps. I also have an apron that is plasticized on the top layer, which might mean a puddle, but that’s better than a wet cold front! I hate cleaning the bathroom… 😦


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