#FridayFiction: “How Could You?”

A quick correction: When I wrote this it was just before heading to bed. I inadvertently messed up on Rachel’s name, it’s Wisoff-Fields, not Weiss.

I haven’t done one if Rachel Weiss “Friday Fiction” challenges in a whole, but couldn’t pass this one up.

The picture below is burrowed (with assumed permission) from the above post by Rachel Weiss-Field… Credit goes to the Dawn M. Miller

“Oh Roger. How could you” Ginny thought sadly as she pulled up in front of the run down old “shanty style” house. A large variety of lamps of different styles and sizes adorned the front porch. Ginny could only hope that the one she was looking for was there. The one that had been in the family for generations.

Times had been tough for Ginny and her son. Often times they barely managed to squeak by. She could understand his reason for selling the ugly old lamp “to get a few dollars”, but he had no idea of its true value.


5 thoughts on “#FridayFiction: “How Could You?”

  1. Good Story and it figures that Roger would sell a treasure. I hope she gets the expensive lamp back for her and her son. Welcome to Friday Flash Fiction. Rochelle Wishoff-Fields does a wonderful job for us! Welcome and glad you’re here! 🙂 Nan


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