100 steps

A while back, I had sent myself a copy of the link to Cee’s Fun Foto challenge “100 Steps” (not sure why my mind was reading it as 1000) thinking I would get to it in a timely manner – HA!! More like got shoved on back burner due to this little thing calked life.

I came across said email today as I was going through my in-box and doing some housekeeping (of the email kind) and figured I’d make the time to do the challenge (even if I am more than a tad but late).

Unable to decide which direction to go, I tried 5 different ones totaling over 400 steps (a couple directions I didn’t do the whole 100 steps as it was quickly evident that they would get me nowhere – least not in terms of pictures (I’ll explain later). All started from my usual sitting in front of (back facing) the fake fireplace:

So the first 100 steps took me out my front door, down the walk and to the left:

I took this particular shot as is without zooming or anything. It is a view I’ve taken several times before as it is such a gorgeous view… I believe that is Sombrero Peak.

The next 100 steps was similar to the one above, except this time I went to the right:

Not as spectacular, but still a nice view with blue skies and the one (interesting) cloud formation.

Next I decided to go 100 steps towards and out our garage door (the direction gone when going somewhere with hubby – as he is unable to get out our front door). I think I took somewhere between 70-80 steps before realizing that I would have been practically in my across-the-street neighbor’s yard taking a close up picture if their house…. Ummmmm next……

I then tried the back door first to the right. I should mention we have a small back yard and a “brick” fence. 100 steps had me found in circles and heading in the opposite direction. At the time I was taking the original 100 steps I thought I was going to end up with a similar shot when I went to the left…. Turned out I was wrong. Just went out and counted 100 steps out the back door and to the right…. Had to do a bit of circle walking, but this is what I got:


So what did I get going to the right?? First off I hit a brick wall (literally – no, not that literally) while counting off the 100 steps and had to turn. Before making it to 100 I saw this ( and had to snap a quick picture):
The picture didn’t come out that well, as I couldn’t get close enough without these two guys flying away….

Continuing on with the 100 step count, I was greeted with this view (perfectly framed):



4 thoughts on “100 steps

  1. Seems to me like this 100 steps project is for someone with too much time on his/her hands. I don’t blame you for not finishing it. 🙂


    • You are wrong, Karen, I did complete it…. The only “requirement” was to take 100 steps (or less) in any one direction chosen… It was I who could not decide on a single direction – so
      I did several…. If you look at a couple of the pictures taken, you will see that it was not time wasted….. For example I would have not seen the 2 birds or the perfectly framed sun in circle if branches (of the tall tree)…. Truly God’s beauty 🙂


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