Nachos, A Glass of Wine and A Memory (#WWBH)


Nachos and a glass of wine….  It had always been his favorite.  Good, hot and spicy nachos and glass of red wine and ALWAYS in a plastic glass.  Grandpa Larry never cared much for the “social norms that most people followed.  Didn’t care about fancy stemware glasses (that could easily break he would often complain).  To him, wine tasted just as good in a plastic cup as in those “Fancy Schancy” glasses.  His favorite place to sit while indulging in his favorite combination was at the old outdoor stadium that overlooked the city of Chicago.

Nathan had turned 13 years old the day Grandpa Larry first invited him to share this private spot.  Of course his Nacho’s weren’t as hot as Grandpa Larry’s were (made with sharp cheddar cheese and just a bit of Pepper Jack for flavor) and his “wine” was mostly red grape juice with just the tiniest bit (maybe a capful) of actual wine.  They sat for hours talking about all kinds of things.  Just as Grandpa Larry had done many years ago with his Grandfather.  “Course this stadium wasn’t around then” Grandpa Larry had said.

Each year on they’re birthday (for Nathan and Grandpa Larry had shared the same birthday) they would spend time sitting in the old outdoor stadium, eating nachos, drinking wine from a plastic glass, and talking about everything and anything under the sun…  Or sometimes they would just sit quietly and watch the happenings around them.


 Eventually Nathan had moved away but each year near his birthday he would fly to be with his grandfather to share this special tradition with him… Year after year…. Until Grandpa was no longer able to follow the yearly tradition, and then he simply brought 2 sets of Nachos and Wine to the Assisted Living Center where grandpa resided.
Now at 63 Nathan was passing on this special tradition to his own grandson, Robert.  Course it wasn’t the old outdoor in Chicago, but it was still Nachos and a glass of wine in a plastic cup (watered down for Robert just as it had been for Nathan all those years ago.   Nathan raised a glass in memory just as his grandfather had done then turned to his grandson…
“let me share a story with you…..”

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