#ZerotoHero: Day 18 – Social Media presence

I think I’ve got this one covered….

When it comes to being on Social Media, I have a number of different platforms that I use (some of which have a couple different accounts) – Something that my husband just doesn’t understand (and I’m sure drives him battty at times).  I’m working on streamlining  and prioritizing a bit.  Working on forcing myself to spend a set time on Social Media, a set time on blogging, a set time on……   Otherwise, it’s way to easy to get addicted and pulled in to spending all day keeping up (or desparately trying to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

As you can see (at the bottom of my posts) you can share via a variety of Social Media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google (and I think Pinterest).

I was going to attempt to embed some twitter, facebook, and instagram stuff, but that’s not really want I want here, so instead I am including links to some of my Social Media sites

Pioneergirl08 on Twitter

TCarr08 on Instagram

NancyPolkArtist on Facebook (This page is dedicated to my mother and is a page about her artwork & writings and about Depression, Suicide, and PTSD)

I also have regular Facebook profile, but only accept friend requests from people I know.   If you are a follower and interact with me regularly on here (and are interested in connecting on Facebook) let me know in a comment or send a FB message (a heads up on how I might know you -aka blog name or something is helpful).  Sorry, not trying to be a butinsky here.


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