Companion – My #WWBH story

Yikers….  Tuesday already???  Almost time for the next

Barely squeaking in at the last minute…  Truth be told, #1 -I have no idea what I’m going to do for a story because #2 – I completely forgot about writing my blog hop story (even though I was this week’s “co-host at the wheel”
20140114-165233.jpgMindy stared out  the front window of her small non-descript one story home…  Well she did the best she could considering the blinds were still closed, the slats open just enough to let in the barest amount of sunlight.  Today was one of those rare days when she could actually handle having the  blinds open at all.  Most days she had to have the blinds closed with the slats shut tight as the sunlight would often make the migraines she suffered that much worse.  The doctors still didn’t have an answer as to why she was sufferring so many headaches or why they left her so weak that she was all but paralyzed.
Absently, Mindy stroked the soft fur of Purr-On’s tabby colored coat as the year and a half Maine Coone lie  by her
20140114-165409.jpgside in the large  chair that Mindy spent many hours a day in.  A bowl of half eaten cereal that Mindy had been unable to finish rested on the wide arm rest.  Purr-On had been adopted from the Humane Society not quite a year ago when the headaches and weakness had first started.  The skittish kitten had bonded with Mindy almost immediately and, now, rarely left her side.  Unable to get out much, Purr-On was pretty much Mindy’s only real companion, though she had made a few friends through Facebook & Twitter (but even doing that took energy she didn’t seem to have.  With out Purr-On’s constant companionship, Mindy was quite certain she would have gone insane.


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