#ZerotoHero: Day 17 – Commenting Confidence

Just read today’s assignment – to read 6 blogposts relating to yesterday’s assignment (writing based on the daily prompt. The first thing I did was head over to the dailypost to the comment section for “pingbacks” to look for inspiration (actually, first I headed to the forum for today’s assignment for a quick sec). Just part way down the list, I “found” the first link I wanted to visit…. Though if you were to ask me at that time, “why that one?” I’m sure I’d have no answer…. There was nothing special about the name that I could tell… It just felt like a good one to check out (and being an ISTJ, I’m not generally prone to the whole “feel” & “intuition” thing – Speaking of personality types, check out this blogger of repute post by INFP Thoughts). Back to the first blog I came across…. I honestly had no answer as to “why” that post… That is until I clicked on the post and read it… The name of the post? “This could be awkward

I started to comment and quickly realized my comment could easily become a post in and of itself – thus this blog post (since I’m writing this as a post I decided to add more than I would have if I HAD simply commented.

My mother also committed suicide (I was 5 at the time) and was also an artist and a writer. Even now (nearly 40 years later) it hits me hard sometimes, not having my “real mother” around when I was growing up. Oddly enough I can remember (envision) sitting on the floor of my mom’s studio and recall her being in the room by the fact that I can (vaguely) envision her feet & legs, but I can never envision her face (not just there, but anywhere). I also, apparently blocked out a section of my life shortly after she killed herself.

Not too long ago I created a Facebook page NancyPolkArtist to showcase her work… I’ve since decided to also include info & tidbits on depression, suicide, and PTSD as well as inspirational comments & posts as well. I’ll admit to not doing as much on there as maybe I should, but life just seems to get in the way. I would like to, one day, sell “copies” of mom’s work (of course I’d keep originals for myself as momentos). I have pictures of some of her artwork up on the above Facebook page.

Here’s one of My mom’s paintings:


It seems I’ve read (in the past) about artists (and such) being prone to depression. I decided to do a little google search on the subject to see what I found…. Here’s what I came across:

Creative People Are More Miserable Than Everyone Else

A Little Weird? Prone to Depression? Blame Your Creative Brain

Why are creative people more prone to depression?

10 careers with high rates of depression (artist, writers, etc are #6)

6 thoughts on “#ZerotoHero: Day 17 – Commenting Confidence

  1. Tena, my heart goes out to you. As someone who attempted suicide myself (five years ago), who has battled mental illness for nearly three decades, and who is both blessed and cursed with a creative streak, I can relate to much in this post.

    An author I recommend you explore is Kay Redfield Jamison. Dr, Jamison is in the psychiatric department at Johns Hopkins and is considered by many perhaps the world’s leading expert on bipolar disorder. She happens to have the illness herself. Her memoir “An Unquiet Mind” is a fabulous read. She’s also written on suicide (“Night Falls Fast”) and the relationship of creativity and mental illness (the title escapes me).

    I’m now going to check out the postings of your mother’s work and the reflections you’ve included. I would also invite you to check out my Facebook author page (facebook.com/awaywithwords) where I post a great deal relating to faith and mental illness.

    God bless and take care,


  2. Your mother was a fantastic artist, Tena. Thank you for sharing part of her with us and your memories of her. It is a wonderful way to honor her and keep her alive in spirit. Your links about artists and depression are also quite insightful. The phenomenon has crossed my mind before, too, but I’ve never really researched it. It would be interesting to learn more.


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