#ZerotoHero: Day 16 – Daily Prompt… Make It Your Own

Today’s challenge/assignment is to write a blog based on today’s Daily Prompt….  Own it!!  Make it your own!!

Do you have a reputation? What is it, and where did it come from? Is it accurate? What do you think about it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us YOU.

I’ve never really paid much attention to whether I have a “reputation” or not.  I think some people assume that I am an old fuddy-duddy, stick in the mud type because of the serious (non-smiling) look I seem to have…..

I can recall one time I was meeting with a guy I had recently met online about joining an Alerts Network.  There was another guy (that I had brought on board) also meeting with us that same day…  And before you go getting all concerned, the meeting was during daytime  in a very public place (Middle of Fort Worth StockYard Station in Fort Worth Texas)….    Anyway, after the meeting was over we were all bullsh…. um chatting and such….  I don’t recall exact details but there was something that the 2nd guy wanted to say that (apparently) wasn’t “fit for a ladies ears”….   He kept tryign to get me to plug my ears or something.  I kept looking at him like “not gonna happen”.  Finally he gave in and just said what he was going to say all along.  The whole time he’s watching me, waiting for me to get all upset and offended about the crude joke he had made.  The look I returned back was along the lines of, “If your waiting for me to get upset & offended, your going to be waiting awhile”

Another time (a couple/few years earlier).  I was driving a friend’s son (and his friend) somewhere….   The conversation between these 2 guys got a bit raunch….  Let me interject that these guys were adults – there was something that had happened that neither had a car available to them and I had offered to drop them off somewhere…  So anyway, the son’s friend says, “Hey there’s a lady present in the car (meaning myself as I’m the only other person in the car).  To which the son replies, “She’s not a lady….”   (basically I was family – extended family).

I don’t think people quite know what to make of me sometimes

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11 thoughts on “#ZerotoHero: Day 16 – Daily Prompt… Make It Your Own

  1. Love this post! I get the same reaction daily from people of various types. I understand the need to be polite, but really, we’re in the 21st century now and I talk as much as a sailor as the rest of them. I appreciate them trying to watch their words around me, being a “lady” and all, but what I really appreciate are the people who take the time to get to know me and feel comfortable speaking around me in such a way. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words! Love it!


  2. Tena, you are a fine, reverent woman, who wants to help people. You deserve a little respect from the guys. I’m sorry, but they’re no gentlemen. They have little respect for themselves and less for you. You deserve better. I think you’re an awesome person.


    • Karen, you missed the point of post…. It wasn’t about me being treated disrespectfully… With the 1st story, the guy was being a gentleman asking that I not listen as he “knew” the joke he was about to say might be considered…. Ummmm… Colorful. The latter story was “family” = comfortable around me. I wasn’t offended, upset, or otherwise about what happened…. The jokes wetent deragatory or degrading just (as I said) colorful…. I’ve heard worse things before (enough to make your blush blush).


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