#WWBH Kick-Off January 15, 2014

Hey, Guess What????  I’m back at the wheel….  The WWBH wheel that is.  Haven’t done this hosting thing in so long…..  Gee, I hope I remember everything correctly.

First off, our winner for this month:  Scott Taylor  Go on, take a moment to check out his blog, but don’t forget to come right back over here for a view of last week’s stories and for this weekswednesdayhopbutton

Back????  Good!!!!
Here are the awesome stories (as inspired by last week’s prompt:
    • Buttons’ Box…A Short Story by Scott Taylor
    • Jezabell’s Rescue by Leanne Sype
    • Scared by Tena Carr
    • And a late entry…
      Family Time by HJ Musk

      Now for this week’s 2 photos:



      Remember the 2 photos must connect in your story and the story must be limited to 500 words (don’t worry we’re not gonna count so if you go a bit over = DON’T SWEAT IT….  Most IMPORTANT Rule!!!!   HAVE FUN!!! {and link in with the froggy at the bottom}

      For those of you like a little music to write to:

      Kenny Loggins – Footloose

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