#ZerotoHero: Day 12 – Mopping Floors And Other Such Stuff

I didn’t post anything on the Zero to Hero challenge yesterday, since there wasn’t really anything to write about….  We were simply to comment on 3 new blog posts (of which I only managed to get one comment out due to yesterday’s “Crazy Day”…..

The blog I was reading at the time was by Linking Loops – “I Should Be Mopping Floors“….  My comment went something like this…

Things like sweeping/mopping floors & cleaning bathrooms drive me nuts to do because there’s always that one more piece of dirt/dust that won’t sweep up or one more piece of hair that won’t come up off the bottom of the toilet, etc and so forth.

My problem with things like sweeping & mopping or cleaning bathrooms isn’t that I’m some lazy slob who doesn’t give a care…  It’s one of those things that once I start, it just seems to go on continuously with seemingly no end in sight.  Bathrooms are the worse for me and especially right by the bottom of the toilet….   I mean what is it about toilets that seem to attract every piece of fallen hair there is.  I’ve tried a variety of tricks and hair always seems to want to stick around…. Ohh and dust?!? – Let’s not EVEN go there.  That stuff is pure evil.  I swear it sticks around, refusing to go away, just to make a mockery of me – Just to make it look like the bathroom had never been touched.

I’ll admit the sweeping isn’t so bad, but still a seemingly ongoing chore when every time you think you’re done there’s still more dirt & dust on the floor… In an area that you’re ONE HUNDRED PERCENT sure you just swept.

Time for me to work this into a post for another blog…  See you over at Life Happens

In the Meantime, check out my other Zero to Hero posts


4 thoughts on “#ZerotoHero: Day 12 – Mopping Floors And Other Such Stuff

  1. You are such a trip….LOL thank you for mentioning my blog and post. I’ve been so busy today that I didn’t get a chance to do the challenge. I’m hoping to by early morning, does that count? -:)


    • sure 😉 I’m always running behind on blog challenges (or ending up skipping days all together) – LOL.

      Got done with 2 of my blogs. Now to take a break and write my S.A. letter (besides, yours was the only one I commented on and not sure how to correlate that to a blog on Fire/EMS/Safety).


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