#WWBH (My Story) – “Scared”

Before I get into my story for this week, a quick look at who the January Winner is:

Scott Taylor
The winner!

And a couple stories inspired from our last Writer Wednesday Blog Hop (back on December 18, 2013 – before the break).

Remembering by Scott Taylor

Chocolate Milk and Hope by Leanne Sype

Now for the 2 photos:

Photos by Carrie Sorensen
Little Tommy curled up tight in his box, his thumb in his mouth.   Daddy said that at almost 6 years old (just a month off) he was too big to be sucking his thumb.  His older brother Jimmy teased him about it a bit telling him that if he didn’t quit the other kids would tease him too.   Tommy didn’t want to go to school and be around all those other kids.  Why couldn’t he just stay home with mommy the way he had always done?  Tommy didn’t suck his thumb as much, not any more….  Only when he was scared – like now. The thought of all the sights and sounds that was sure to be apart of a school setting scared him.  He didn’t think anyone really understood his fear.   “Buck it up, your gettin to be a big boy,” Daddy would say.  “Everyone gets a little scared sometimes, but your my big boy now,” Mommy would insist.  And his older brother would just ridicule him and call him a sissy.  They didn’t understand….  None of them understood.  They didn’t understand how unfamiliar sites & sounds didn’t just make him a little scared or nervous it terrified him…  Frozen in one spot, can’t move scared.  He didn’t even like the feel of the grass under his feet like the rest of his family.  He just couldn’t go out in bare feet….
“Hey, whatcha doing Little Man?”  Robert asked
“Uncle Rober” Tommy all but shrieked.  He loved his Uncle Robert.  Uncle Robert always understood him.  He could talk to Uncle Robert about nearly anything.
“I don’t want to go to school” Tommy blurted out
“Why’s that?”  Robert asked.  Uncle Robert never judged, never ridiculed.  He simply listened as Tommy spoke.
“I’m scared” Tommy admitted, “Like terrible, can’t move, scared”
“Have you tried to talk to Mom or Dad about it?” Uncle Robert asked
“No…. They wouldn’t  understand anyway.”  Tommy insisted
“Tell you what, how about if I help you talk to them and we see what we can do to help you through this”  Robert offered

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