#DailyPrompt: Heroic

When I saw the “Daily Prompt: Heroic” post via Daily Post, I made a notation to “deal with it later, but then later had more stuff to deal with & more – blogging (of course) getting shoved to the “back burner”. When I came across Mamma Bear’s Musings post in my email, it reminded me “Hey I’ve been meaning to post something on this”

To name a single person as my hero would be impossible for me to do. There are many out there that fit the bill.

“A Hero is an ordinary person doing what needs to be done in extraordinary circumstances”

~source unknown

Those of you who really know me (even if not well) know that I’ve always considered Firefighters, Paramedics, Police, and Soldiers to be the “true heroes” out there.

I won’t name them here, but there are a number of folks that I’ve known over the years, in the above mentioned fields. They may not have performed acts of heroism for me, but just knowing the work they do, makes them heroes in my book!!! My deepest gratitude & thanks goes out to them and to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in showing heroism.


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