#NaBloPoMo (Pressure): January 8-10

Yet again we’re playing catch up here  (so what else is new)….

Here are the days I missed:

  • January 8 = Can peer pressure be postive
  • January 9 = What are your pressure points
  • January 10 = Have you tried accupressure? What was your experience?

So here we go….

Can Peer Pressure be positive?

I guess it could be if it is the right kind.  Peer pressure to make positive changes in your life can be most beneficial, especially if matched with support from those putting on the pressure.

Note:  At this point I was interrupted and had to walk away from my blogging.   Been a long day and finally getting back in here to blog.  Lots still to do so making this really short

What Are your Pressure Points

Going with the idea that we’re talking “Pet-Peeves” here (since I really have no idea where all the pressure points on the body are even suppose to be)….  Anymore, I think a lot of things put me on edge.  I can’t think of any specific pet-peeves or Pressure Points, but they exist.  One real big one is not being taken seriously and treated like I’m a child or some imbecile because I’m short or because I can’t always formulate my words correctly.   I jokingly say I talk “Bass Ackward”…  The problem is, sometimes I do.  Words come out of my mouth completely backwards from what I mean and I’ll switch letters around.  Other times, I’ll be in the middle of a sentence and can’t think of the word I want to use (usually, some simple word that should come right to mind).

Have You tried Accupressure?

No, I’ve never tried accupressure…  Not sure that I’d want to either – I’m not too crazy with the idea of having a bunch of needles stuck in my body.


3 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo (Pressure): January 8-10

  1. Interesting post. What NaBloPoMo is I have no idea. But do I think peer pressure can be positive- well I pretty much gave up smoking because everybody wouldn’t shut up in their faces about how bad it was. It was so annoying that I couldn’t enjoy a smoke.


    • NaBloPoMo = National Blog (something) Month…. Darn, I forget what Po…. Ohh yeah Po = Post.

      National Blog Post Month… pretty new and dont’ understand much, myself, either. I learned about it back in November when there was a “challenge” to post every single day for the month of November. If you go to http://www.blogher.com and go to Social Media —–> NaBloPoMo there is some more info there I believe.


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