#ZerotoHero: Day 7: A Little More Personalizing

Just a quick post on today’s Zero to Hero challenge…   Went back to a previous day’s challenge and changed up my theme (as well as did a little customization of my header  text color.  I believe it was Day 5 that had us looking at our themes and deciding what we like.     Being that it was getting late and I’m working on 4 blogs simultaneously, going through themes for all those blogs was a bit more than I wanted to take on that late at night…

Let me know what you think of the new set up…  Wish I could change the actual body.  I kind of like the style and everything, but not too crazy about the brightness in the body…  And no, changing the background picture doesnt’ do anything about that (as you can see I’ve already put a custom background and Header….. Ohh and I changed up the widgets (just wish I knew how to fix the font on the “pages” that show up at the top so they’re actually visible).

Check out the rest of my Zero to Hero posts below and be sure and be sure and take a peak at


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