#NaBloPoMo (Pressure): January 6 & 7

Missed out on doing yesterday’s NaBloPoMo post, so today’ I’m doing 2 in 1….

Yesterday’s prompt was – “Tell us about a time you bent to peer pressure.” and Today’s is – “Tell us about a time when you didn’t bend to peer pressure, and you swam against the stream.”

I’ve been pretty lucky in that I’ve never (that I can recall) been pressured to do something (or not do something).  I know a big one for a lot of older kids & teens, both now and in my day, is the pressure to smoke or do drugs….  Thankfully, I was never faced with that situation…  I was not apart of “the crowd”.   I think it’s important that kids have the support & strength to say “NO!!” to peer pressure –  Drugs especially.

I can’t say that I go “with the stream”, but can’t say I go against the stream either…  I just do what I do and (try) not to worry about what others think (Apparentlly I get that from my mother).   I’m not that noticeable of a person so (usually) don’t have much to worry about there.


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