Random Topic Post: Onward

Got my 5 Minute Timer…. Ready


Onward and upward isn’t that how the phrase goes?  Not really sure what to write on this one since I’m not entirely sure I could define the word (or phrase) if asked….   But onward and upward and so goes life.   I’ll take a moment (and waste sometime) to shout out another blog that I do called Life Happens.   The name came about from a phrase that we came up with in relation to a friends commonly used statement “Things Occur” –  Stuff Happens (or you can insert other words for those without sensitive ears (your own or others/kids).

So Onward and we go dealing with life and all it has to throw at us….  Dealing with it the best we can and tryign not to give in to fits of screaming (combined with moments of head banging.)

And so we end this blogpost early.


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