Random Topic Post: #Emergency!

I missed doing yesterday’s Rand Topic post so today you get a Two-Fer….

First up is Emergency:

Setting my 5 minute timer…… and Go….

So the first question is are we talking about the word Emergency as a topic?  Or the show Emergency! (which, incidentally, is how I wrote the word down – with the exclamation at the end).

I’ll go with the latter…

Emergency! is a show that has been watched by many either in (or who have an interest in) the EMS and Firefighter profession.   Who can’t help but laugh at the antics of Johnny Gage (played by Randy Mantooth) and Roy DeSoto (played by Kevin Tighe).   I think it is fair to say that a lot of people also learned quite a bit from the show as well.   While it wasn’t meant to be “educational” or take the place of proper firefighting or EMS training, the goal was to depict as close to real life as was possible and take as few “liberties” as possible.  I applaud the efforts and believe that they did a remarkable job (though I’m sure others with more experience could tear it apart and nit pick)

I don’t know about the rest of the cast, but I do know that Randy Mantooth continues to speak (on a serious note) in relation to Fire & EMS Subjects.  A while back, he did a video entitled CO  The Silent Killer about the importance of wearing your SCBA even during overhaul.   You can read Randy’s blog over at Route51



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